Eaglemont Garden Make Over

The following images are of a complete garden make over we completed last September.

The garden makeover included levelling and stripping back both the lawn and nature strip, and laying down a beautiful lush and thick layer Kikuyu turf.

To set off the front garden, we planted Magnolia Teddy Bears on the boundaries for screening. A Magnolia Teddy bear is a beautiful evergreen which reaches a maximum height of 4 metres and is naturally dense, tight and compact form. A perfect match for this home with small, cup-shaped leaves which are glossy and dark green against the Kikuyu. Over the warmer

months, gloriously large, white flowers are expected which won't be missed against the rendered backdrop of the home.

Last but by no means least, we added some ball shaped box hedge to give the garden an additional touch of class.

If you are looking to give your garden a lift, call us on 131 546 and we will be happy to come up with a unique design which adds thousands in value to your. home

Before & After